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Raid Addons

Post  Shads on Sun Apr 20, 2008 9:23 pm

Apparently some still have problems with finding out what addons is needed to raid with us, so here is a list.

A bossmod like deadly bossmod or bigwigs.

Also our healers need to have visual heal installed.

In the future we will expect ALL to have these addons installed and updated.
I do NOT want to do more raids with just one person NOT having one of these addons as its simply to time consuming and also it causes alot of stupid wipes when communication isent working.

So therefor, if u are a part of this guild, u will now go and get these addons, as we will asume u are here to raid with us, if u are not, then u simply in the wrong guild. And it will not be accepted anymore that ppl who did not sign but just joined to help out dont have those addons installed and working either.

If a person in the raid do not have these addons installed and working when joining the raid, he will get until raid start to get it fixed, if this is not done, he/she will be replaced or if there is no replacements, the raid will be called of.

To raid is a team effort and so is keeping this guild working, so therefor to not follow these simple rules is not stepping on me, its stepping on ur fellow guildies, and I will not accept that.

Are u having trouble getting one of these addons to work, just ask in guild chat, ppl will help u the best they can.

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