Shadowpriest applying!

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Shadowpriest applying!

Post  SÚdien on Wed Sep 03, 2008 9:15 pm


Name of ur maintoon : SÚdien on Dragonblight
Class and spec:Priest, shadow, can do healing if needed, tho am not very geared for that.
Any alts u like to join with aswell:No thank you!
Age :26
What made u want to join us? :Need of nice raidgroup and I also want to raid with Kilic.
Any friends inside FLE ?:Kilic
Raiding experience :Kara, Za, SSC, Gruul and pre-TBC raid instances. (Not on SÚdien, but rogue, warrior and paladin)
Do u have the key to kara?:Ye.
PVE or PVP ? Oh pve! Pvp kills me inside.
Do u see urself as an active player? :I'm active when I got something nice to do (etc. raiding, instancing, leveling) But I don't stand around in IF spamming trade.
What makes u smile? :Kilic trying to hint that I nag about his playing. I never do! Also Family guy, guinea pigs, guild named Zul Kebab, this albino


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Re: Shadowpriest applying!

Post  Hunz on Wed Sep 03, 2008 10:41 pm


thanks for filling an appliaction will have chat with u in game.


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