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Invite a Friend to raid with u

Post  Shads on Thu Sep 04, 2008 11:16 am

As a bonus for the lovely ppl in this guild.
I will from time to time be setting up runs which are a bit different from the normal guild raids we have.

The different thing with these gruul runs are that each guild member who sign will have the right to bring 1 not in guild friend with them for this raid.

This will work like this :

- U still sign for the raid on the forum as always.
- Signups without signing a friend is ofc welcome, but ppl who sign with a friend gets first prio in this type of raid.
- There will be no guarentied spots in this raid, first sign gets first spots ( concidering class ofc)
- Together with ur signup, u will write the name and the class on the friend u want to bring.
- Should u not get a spot in the given raid, neither will ur friend nomatter his/her class.
- Ur friend will still be needing to have our raid addons, which involves : TS, Omen, bossmod and for healers Visual heal.
- Ur friend is espected to follow our raid rules, with meeting time and so on. And it will be up to the person who signed a friend to make sure that he/she knows about the rules.
- Looting will be done as always, the non guildies will have same rights as guildies to roll for loot that drops.
- All shards will still go for the guildbank.

This is to give u all the chance of raid with some of ur non guild friends and also to give some of the non guild friends u have a chance of seing certain raidinstances without having to be in a raid guild Smile

These raids will not be on regular schedule, so just keep an eye out for them on the signup forum Smile

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