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Post  Dakie ak on Wed Oct 22, 2008 10:12 pm


Name of ur maintoon : Dakei
Class and spec: Fury warrior
Any alts u like to join with aswell : No Smile
Age :16
What made u want to join us? : Fraxz made me
Any friends inside FLE ?: Fraxz, Thinlizzy, Flåkt
Raiding experience : Kara (Moroes) Razz been Pvp for a long time.
Do u have the key to kara?: Yes!
PVE or PVP ? Recently respecced Pve, so still got full Pvp gear.
Do u see urself as an active player? : Yes.
What makes u smile? : People with a bit of humour.. and smile for the most of the time Smile[b]

Dakie ak

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