Raid & Guild Rules - Read before application

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Raid & Guild Rules - Read before application

Post  Emythrel on Tue Mar 03, 2009 9:21 pm

Before you apply to join F L E, you should be properly informed of our rules and how we work. It has come to our attention that perhaps these rules haven't been easily understood or just completely missed by some recruits. This post covers all aspects of our rules, so it is in everyone's best interest that you read it fully before you apply.

Although we are a relaxed and somewhat casual guild, we do have rules and regulations that we expect to be followed. Not adhering to them will result in warnings and ultimately being kicked from the guild.

How we raid -

How to sign for a raid -

Required Raid Add-ons -

The most important part of our rules is raid attendance, So i will again highlight this part of our rules here......

You are required to sign for atleast 1 raid every 14 days. Even if you are on the subs list, this will count towards raid attendance. So don't think you can't sign for a raid that already seems full. If you do not sign for atleast 1 raid in a 14 day period you will recieve a warning. Obviously, if you are on holiday or ill, simply making an AFK post will mean you don't get warned.

If you are on the subs list for a raid, you still have to turn up if you fail to be online at the required time, you will not get any raid attendance credit. Once the raid is set, you are free to go, unless otherwise told by the raidleader.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post, now go read the nice fluffy one by shads, which will tell you a bit more ......



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