Druid (Feral-Tank)

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Druid (Feral-Tank)

Post  Socyin on Wed Apr 15, 2009 5:14 pm


Name of ur maintoon :Socyin
Class and spec:Druid Feral Tank
Any alts u like to join with aswell: Camine (80 Holy Priest) Slakse (67 Warrior) Elsoon (71 Mage)
Age :17
What made u want to join us? : I remember a very nice atmosphere in F L E for the most part.
Any friends inside FLE ?:Many (I Hope), Jumpercablez I've known for multiple years in wow now..
Raiding experience : All of Naxx10 as a healer and a tank (never tanked 4 horsemen actually) Obs10 as a tank Parts of Naxx25 as a tank
Do u see urself as an active player? : I play as much as I can without affecting my school work and social life. That means there may be days where I log in for 5 minutes or not at all. Especially these months with major exams coming up =/
What makes u smile? : A funny joke.

As you may remember, I was a member of F L E a long time ago. I do miss the atmosphere and the people.
For me, I like to be in a social atmosphere. I hate being guildless. While I do enjoy raiding, a strict raiding schedule would not work for me. I think F L E has the perfect balance of raiding and socializing for me.

Thanks =)


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Re: Druid (Feral-Tank)

Post  Emythrel on Thu Apr 16, 2009 1:27 pm

Hi thanks for the app. Unfortunately our tank roster is full atm, so I have to decline your application.

Good Luck and happy Gaming,



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