enhancement shamy

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enhancement shamy

Post  a old gu on Mon Apr 20, 2009 9:42 pm

Name of ur maintoon: alexandrette

Class and spec: enhancement shaman (temp resto due to lack of enhancement gear) will change soon i hope ^^

any alts u like to join: hmm not sure yet but some of u know me Smile (holyfanatic)


What made u want to join us?: i was in fle a long time ago its still the best guild for me lots of friends and memories before things went bad, here is my explaination of what happened, we got to hear my mom has cancer then and she is terminal and back then it was just a shock so i left guild stopped wow and took some time to think about everything even went for some help. but now im putting my life back on track and would happily rejoin u guys u are awesome and friendly, the only guild that gave me the feeling to be welcome tbh.

any friends inside fle: uhmm well a couple not sure who is still in and who isnt:p

pvp - pve hmm pve always for me and when there is nothing to do some pvp Smile (more to get honor farmed but shhh Razz)

do yu see urself as a active player: hmm i play when i can i have no life:P just kidding ^^ i am on everyday Smile

what makes u smile: hmm tough question since i dont got anything atm in rl to smile at but i always find some distraction in wow and offcourse u guys and the best thing is having fun with esaja Razz

greets holyfanatic aka alexandrette and many alts:P

a old gu

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Re: enhancement shamy

Post  Emythrel on Mon Apr 20, 2009 10:01 pm

App accepted, under the conditions we spoke about ;p


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