Rogue application.

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Rogue application.

Post  Invisabl on Sun Sep 28, 2008 5:42 pm

Name of ur maintoon : Invisable
Class and spec: Rogue :
Any alts u like to join with aswell:None.
Age :17, 18 in december.
What made u want to join us? : Well atm im looking for a guild that are on the same gear progress as me. I've recently rerolled to dragonblight server from horde. I was in a successfull guild doing MH & BT everyweek, plus SWP 2 bosses. Now WOTLK is so near they are stopping to raid and my friends have come to dragonblight so i wanted to come with them.
Any friends inside FLE ?:None ;<
Raiding experience :Fully cleared : Kara, Za, Gruuls, Maggy, BT, MH, 2 Bosses in SWP.
Do u have the key to kara?:Yes.
Do u see urself as an active player? :Yes very activewhen im needed for raids ill be on waiting with pots,flasks/food.
What makes u smile? Killing bosses & Progressin.


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Re: Rogue application.

Post  Hunz on Mon Sep 29, 2008 11:10 am

thx for filling out an application however we are full when it comes to rogues, goodluck finding a guild that suits you Smile

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